Since 2016 we worked together with super yacht builder Feadship on several video productions. Feadship is recognized as the world leader in the field of pure custom super yachts. Their yachts are defined by its superb craftsmanship and set the standard in every aspect of design, engineering and construction. The Feadship experience stands for, perfectly crafted, purely custom yachts that set the standard and delight their owners.

Based on the relationship that was formed, and the knowledge we gathered on our client, we created a concept on how to transform their message into a branding campaign. We presented the overall concept ‘All Great Stories Start With Feadship’.

Instead of focussing on the product, and the exquisite lifestyle that comes along, we used the internal and external values of a Feadship owner. The goal was to showcase the true meaning of owning a Feadship trough a serie of short movies. The yacht should play a key role as a portal to another world, always using water as the binding element. Stories about imagination, magical experiences and emotional encounters that leave an unforgettable memory.

In 2018 we produced Bakira as a pilot film. Based on this production Feadship was convinced that ‘All Great Stories Start With Feadship’ should play a major role in their brand communication.

In June 2019 the second episode Perrito was released and episode three is scheduled for late 2019.

Perrito (short movie) 
Social Content
Set photography

  • Concept: Bert/Ivar & Epic Branding
  • Production: Epic Branding
  • Creative Director: Guy-Georges Trigallez
  • Director: Frank van Rooijen
  • DoP: Ezra Reverda nsc – AIM management 
  • Editor: Jiro Bosma
  • Script: Ivar van den Hove & Guy-Georges Trigallez
  • Voice Over: John Q Kubin
  • Grading & VFX: Darlings Post Production
  • Model Agency: Max Models
  • Actors: Remco en Aad van der Linden