Online ticket sales become increasingly important for the Van Gogh Museum. This allows the museum to improve customer experience before, during, and after visiting the museum.
The challenge for the museum is to give visitors a warm welcome while informing them about various practical matters. Rationale behind this is to emphasize the value and brand of the museum and improve the visitors flow.

Incoming visitors receive a personalized video in which they get relevant and practical information. This video is distributed two days prior to their planned visit.
• The personalized information is based on data retrieved from the online ticket sales process. It includes name, city, date and time of visit. Additionally, upsell elements such as multimedia tour and catalogue are included. All personalized elements are presented in the visitor’s native language.
• Practical information includes exhibition overview, museum guidelines, weather forecast, and a brief explanation of the floor plan.
Most importantly, the video makes guests excited for their planned visit.

  • Client: Van GoghMuseum
  • Concept: Epic Branding
  • Creative Director: Guy-Georges Trigallez
  • Production: Epic Branding
  • Technical Partner: Storyteq