Based on our Epic journey through Europe, capturing Vincent van Gogh his travels we created this animated map of the specific #followvangogh route.

Just like us you can now retrace Van Gogh’s steps. Go beyond the well-trodden paths and discover your favourite Van Gogh location. Will you be inspired by bustling city life, or by rural tranquility? With Route Van Gogh Europe, it’s easy to put together your very own trip!

  • Client : Van Gogh Europe
  • Concept: Epic Branding
  • Production: Epic Branding 
  • D.O.P’s: Ruben Duipmans, Jiro Bosma, Frank van Rooijen
  • Edits: Jiro Bosma & Luc van Baar
  • Animation post: Luc van Baar
  • Illustraties: Paul Stellingwerf